1. Regularly mow your lawn.  Keep your property clean, and free of garbage and debris.


2. Place trash by the curb AFTER 6 p.m. on the evening before pickup. Store containers out of view from the street.

3. Obtain a pet license and have your pet vaccinated. Clean up after your pet.  Keep pets from roaming loosely or barking excessively. 

4. Keep your swimming pool completely fenced and inaccessible to children, clean in the summer and properly covered during the winter. 

5. Respect your neighbors. Keep your music from disturbing them. Notify them of any loud or late parties.

6. Keep the exterior of your house in good repair.

7. Keep tree branches and shrubbery, on and around your property trimmed.

8. Check if building permits are required for new fences, remodeling or construction and abide by all department of building codes and regulations.

9. Do not park/store commercial or undriveable vehicles or conduct major repairs on them in the street or driveway. 

10. Most importantly, Do not forget, to say "HELLO" !