~~Finishing a basement is an excellent way to increase living space and increase the value of a property. It can be more cost-effective than putting on an addition. This article offers Staten Island NY advice on renovating a basement.

Begin With a Plan

First, decide on the purpose of finishing the space such as a home office, exercise room, game room, spare bedroom or extra storage. Take time to plan the configuration based on that function and include plenty of room for furnishings, equipment, and other items. Before using a local contractor, discuss your intentions and ask for input from them on floor plan, materials, and other considerations. Pre-planning and having discussions will help you create a useful space and will also keep it less expensive.

Check for Underlying Concerns Before Beginning the Basement Finishing Work

Finishing a basement requires more than adding walls. Basements usually hold heating and other systems for your property and offer unique challenges. Inspect the basement for potentially harmful conditions such as mold, mildew, leaks, and pests. Also check heat and other systems that may impact the space. Understanding all of the systems and its impact on the work will help you better plan for the project.

Select the Right Building Materials for Finishing a Basement

Basements are unique when compared to primary levels of a home because they are below ground level. Dampness and other factors ought to be considered when choosing materials such as wood and flooring. It may be prudent to use materials that can resist the climate or offer protection. Additional equipment such as a dehumidifier may also help.

Advice On Renovating A Basement

The above Staten Island NY advice on renovating a basement are simply a few considerations when planning for a basement finishing project. Carefully considering the space and materials will help cut down on future issues and promote solid construction of a delightful space to enjoy for many years. Ask your local Real Estate professional for advice on the ways a a finished basement will add value to your residence and keep that information in mind as you price out the work.