summer~~– Steamy summer months aren't always the hottest time of the year to show your home to prospective buyers, but take the right steps and you can get interest in your place sizzling.  Even though buyers have air conditioning in their cars, you have to convince them to get into their cars — then out of their cars — to check places out.

     So the experts  recommend taking some extra steps to make sure your home shows well in the summertime.   Just as smart sellers trim a home's bushes in the spring and rake up leaves in the fall to maximize "curb appeal," savvy property owners will go the extra mile to make their places look good during summer months.  The following are some helpful tips:

 • Mow the Lawn Twice a Week

Don't ask me why but grass grows faster in the summer.  Every other lawn cutting, try mowing on the diagonal to add dimension and curb appeal.

• Create Summer Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is what makes fairy-tale land leap from the pages of a landscaping book and into your front yard. Curb appeal creates lust, happiness and contentment. Trim the bushes. Plant flowers. Scatter mulch. Paint your house number on the curb. Sweep the walk. Make your entrance welcoming and warm.

• Decorate With Summer-Influenced Accents

Look around your yard for color inspiration. White is a pure summer color. Vivid blues have a calming affect. You can sweep away the cobwebs of winter by replacing accent pillows or throw rugs with brighter, summer hues.

• Bring the Light Inside

If you have heavy drapes, remove them. They tend to make rooms look smaller anyway by encroaching on space. Pull all your blinds to the top and tape the strings underneath. Consider tie-backs if you don't already have them for holding open lighter drapes / curtains. The only time you would leave blinds closed is if there was an undesirable element on the other side of the window, i.e. a neighbor's trash can, and even then, open them slightly.

• Go With the Flow of Summer

Due to daylight savings in most states, it stays light outside longer. Some people like to skip out of work early on a Friday. You might find buyers are more interested in touring your home in twilight hours, just after the dinner hour.

• Deliver the Sparkle

Gold or silver or brass or pewter? Doesn't matter. Mix them, if you like. Old rules don't apply. Metals are summery. Vases, picture frames, mirrors, utensils, goblets, hanging planters to garden gnomes.

• Create a pleasant smell

Pet smells or musty basements are bad enough in cooler temperatures, but summer heat can make them unbearable.  Be sure you remove things such as kitty litter regularly.  If you tend to have a damp or musty basement, clean it with bleach to remove mold and mildew before putting the home on the market. Then use dehumifiers to keep everything dry.

• Utilize Natural Scent Sparingly
Sometimes, people go hog wild with the air fresheners. Vanilla is a popular scent but it can overwhelm sensitive noses. Try filling the air with natural fragrances such as those from cut roses or honeysuckle vines.

• Control the Air Temperature
The only thing worse than a stuffy room on a hot day is a hot room. Circulate air. Even if you have to place floor fans about the home, keep the air moving. Turn down the AC to a notch below your comfort zone if the air outside is hotter than your comfort zone. Not so cold that your visitor's arm hair stands up. But chilly enough that they don't want to go back outside.