Arden Heights: Where Comfort Meets Convenience

We’re excited to introduce you to the unique charm and allure of Arden Heights—a neighborhood that promises a fulfilling lifestyle for potential homebuyers like you. Join us on a journey to explore the features that make Arden Heights an ideal place to call home.


Arden Heights, Staten Island Schools

Arlington’s commitment to education is evident in its diverse array of schools, each dedicated to fostering growth, curiosity, and lifelong learning.

  • P.S. 44 Thomas C. Brown: More than an elementary school, P.S. 44 is a nurturing ground where creativity and collaboration are as valued as academics. Their active PTA ensures community involvement and continuous improvement.

  • Port Richmond High School: A beacon for secondary education near Arlington, it’s not just about textbooks here. Their arts programs, particularly in drama and music, have received accolades at state levels.

  • Special Education Schools: Catering to diverse needs, institutions like the Richard H. Hungerford School emphasize inclusivity, ensuring every student is empowered and embraced.

Arden Heights, Staten Island Recreation and Activities

  • Arlington Marsh: Beyond its lush landscapes, Arlington Marsh is an ecological haven. Regular community-led clean-up drives and bird-watching tours make this a beloved local spot.

  • Brookfield Park: From sunrise yoga sessions to weekend farmers’ markets, Brookfield Park isn’t just green space; it’s the community’s heartbeat.

  • Historic Houses: Walk down memory lane with Arlington’s preserved homes. The Vanderzee-Harper House, for instance, often hosts history-themed community events, ensuring the past is always alive and celebrated.

Dining in Arden Heights, Staten Island


From morning coffee runs to late-night cravings, Arlington’s culinary scene is diverse and delightful.

  • Liedy’s Shore Inn: Beyond its tag as one of Staten Island’s oldest bars, it hosts live music nights, making it a hub for community gatherings and nostalgic evenings.

  • Bayou: Their Mardi Gras celebrations are legendary! Step in for an authentic Southern experience right from their cocktails to their ambiance.

  • How Greek It Is: With a family-run touch, this restaurant is more than about food. Cooking classes, wine tasting events, and special Greek holiday menus ensure diners get a complete Hellenic experience.

Arden Heights, Staten Island Transportation


Being well-connected is Arlington’s unsung strength:

  • S40 & S90 Bus Lines: Not only do they connect to the iconic Staten Island Ferry, but they also provide scenic routes through some of Staten Island’s most picturesque neighborhoods.

  • S46 & S96: These routes, especially during non-peak hours, feel like a mini-tour of Staten Island’s diverse landscapes and communities.

  • Staten Island Railway: The nearby Stapleton Station, with its recent renovations, offers increased comfort and efficiency for daily commuters.


Arlington isn’t merely about streets and buildings; it’s about stories and memories waiting to be made. From its welcoming parks to its bustling dining spots and the tranquil waters of Kill Van Kull, Arlington beckons with open arms. And when you’re ready to pen your Arlington story, SI Premiere Properties is right beside you, ensuring every chapter is as memorable as the last.

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