Woodrow, Staten Island: Where Comfort and Community Combine

If you’re considering making Woodrow your new home, join us on a journey of exploration as we uncover the wonderful features that make this neighborhood a haven for potential home buyers seeking comfort, convenience, and community.


Woodrow, Staten Island Schools

For families seeking quality education, Woodrow offers access to a range of top-notch schools:

  • PS 3 The Margaret Gioiosa School: Known for its commitment to academic excellence and a supportive learning environment, PS 3 is dedicated to nurturing young minds.
  • Tottenville High School: A highly regarded public high school offering diverse programs, extracurricular activities, and a strong sense of community.
  • Our Lady Star of the Sea School: A private Catholic school emphasizing academic achievement and character development within a faith-based setting.

Woodrow, Staten Island Recreation and Activities

Woodrow provides numerous activities to cater to diverse interests:

  •  Blue Heron Park: A serene oasis offering walking trails, bird-watching, and tranquil ponds, making it a perfect escape for nature enthusiasts.
  •  RollerJam USA: Enjoy roller skating, laser tag, and arcade games for family fun and a dose of nostalgia.
  •  Freshkills Park: A vast park in development that promises to become one of the largest in the city, offering recreational opportunities and environmental education.


Dining in Woodrow, Staten Island

Woodrow’s dining scene offers a variety of options, including:

  • Nove Italian Bistro: A local favorite for Italian cuisine, featuring delectable pasta dishes, fresh seafood, and a warm, inviting ambiance.
  • Taste of India II: Experience the flavors of India with authentic dishes, from fragrant curries to tandoori delights.
  • Miller’s Ale House: A casual sports bar and restaurant known for its wide selection of beers and classic American fare.

Woodrow, Staten Island Transportation


Getting around Woodrow is convenient with several transportation options:

  • Staten Island Railway: Woodrow residents have access to the Staten Island Railway, with Huguenot station nearby, providing easy transportation within Staten Island and connections to other boroughs.
  • X17, X21, and X22 Buses: These express buses offer efficient travel options to Manhattan and other parts of Staten Island.


Woodrow is a neighborhood that offers a harmonious blend of comfort and community. With exceptional schools, a variety of recreational activities, a diverse dining scene, and efficient public transportation, Woodrow provides a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle for potential homebuyers. If Woodrow has captured your interest, contact SI Premiere Properties today to explore available housing options. Your dream home in this serene Staten Island neighborhood awaits!

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